Skillweb Deliver

For Distribution

This trusted, award-winning, fully customisable software solution optimises the management of the entire transportation process. With unrivalled track and trace and proof of delivery capabilities, Skillweb Deliver Distribution enables you to report and return information to your customers in real-time. Equipped with this visibility, you will instantly know the exact location of goods throughout their journey and when they will be delivered – to both recipients and business partners.

Efficient Productive Operations

Optimise performance of existing distribution infrastructure and enable easy changes in tandem with your network. You will also help your operators to make correct decisions for efficient movement and sortation of goods.
As a result of improved distribution process visibility, you can increase the volume of first time deliveries by reducing first-time failure rates and incoming redeliveries. You can also consistently achieve performance SLAs and KPIs – while providing an audit trail for compliance purposes too.

Cost Savings

By optimising the transport movements - from source to destination - with planning and tracking tools - saves fuel costs and reduces fleet size.

Easy Integration with Other Systems

Use our customisable interface to integrate with any partner IT business systems – without extensive development work. By sharing multi-system distribution data can lead to insights into how to achieve greater operational and infrastructure efficiencies – as well as new opportunities too.

Dynamic Planning

By integrating with third-party planning systems - such as Oracle Transport manager, Skillweb Deliver enables dynamic route optimisation to achieve distribution efficiencies and a reduced carbon footprint of distribution operations.

UK Developed & Supported

Skillweb Deliver can be administered through a web-based interface. Being cloud-based, it does not require costly integration – so you only pay for what you need - and you’ll benefit from regular updates and new features too.

Our ISO27001 accreditation and industry-lead technology means that you're in safe hands - and our UK based helpdesk ensures that support is highly responsive and effective too.
UK Based
BT Supply Chain has been using SkillWeb Deliver for over 10 years to better control the movement of over 20,000 parts per day and ensure that its 22,000 engineers are supplied with the right parts at the right time. This advanced distribution management system has not only enabled the company to optimise its parts distribution using advanced tracking but also streamline the overall supply chain by accessing meaningful business intelligence to make better-informed management decisions.

Modular Technology



supports the widest range of returns logistics and collection scenarios


allows you to forward plan both delivery and collection work


data is extracted and processed in real time for instant report generation ready


receives and sends tracking data between third party systems such as Amazon, Royal Mail, Parcelforce and Fed-ex

Customs Integration

enables exchange of data with the customs authorities so they can electronically advise you of items held for tax revenue collection or other reasons. The flow of parcels is automatically controlled through the network to prevent shipments leaking through

Augmented Reality

Skillweb Deliver offers an optional augmented reality module to improve the information available to loading operators – so the time taken to find the right parcels is significantly reduced

Case Studies

Jersey Post

Jersey Post

The Jersey Post Group is the licensed universal service provider of mail service for the Bailiwick of Jersey. Jersey Post employs more than 200 postal delivery workers, serving around 100,000 inhabitants across all mail service requirements.
Singapore Post

Singapore Post

Singapore Post Postea, the technology solutions provider for the postal, mailing and logistics industry, teamed up with Skillweb to develop a next-generation item tracking solution - PostMarque™ that utilises Skillweb’s proven technology.
British Telecom

British Telecom

SkillWeb was also tasked with upgrading BT’s IT infrastructure to not only enhance its functionality but also reduce the ongoing running costs and carbon footprint. Features:- Track over 20,000 parts per day, Real-time tracking data, Reduce trip planning 75%.


Yodel Neighborhood is a door-to-door delivery service using a local courier network to over 27 million addresses across the UK. Yodel needed a solution that would support the courier network by efficiently capturing ‘last mile’ home delivery data.