Yodel Case Study

Yodel Case StudyYodel Neighborhood is a door-to-door delivery service using a local courier network to over 27 million addresses across the UK. Yodel needed a solution that would support the courier network by efficiently capturing ‘last mile’ home delivery data and help better manage the network of self-employed couriers and ensure the provision of the same high standards expected across other areas of the business.

  • Proven track record
  • Leading edge tracking solutions
  • Best of breed systems
  • Industry leading partner
  • Helps compete in the postal market

End-to-End Mobile Communications System

Yodel chose SkillWeb to create an end-to-end mobile communications system that provides an effective means of tracking, tracing and reporting on the delivery of parcels - in a cost-effective manner. In addition, SkillWeb was able to deliver all hardware and software requirements including mobile devices and the central management system. 

Yodel POD Scan350m + Tracking Events

Since the initial implementation, the technology solution has captured in excess of 350 million tracking events for more than 45 million items providing Yodel’s clients and consumers with the highest levels of tracking visibility. Along with critical POD data collection, the system also provides a range of management and reporting tools that help to maintain enhanced operational control across the expanding network.


SkillWeb also supports the seamless migration of the system to the expanded Yodel business, avoiding operational disruption and downtime. As a result, it has successfully handled an increase in volumes of over 49 per cent. In addition, SkillWeb has also been responsible for expanding system functionality to support a broader range of delivery options including exchanges and tracked catalogue deliveries.