Singapore Post Case Study

Singapore Post - Case StudySingapore Post Postea, the technology solutions provider for the postal, mailing and logistics industry, teamed up with Skillweb to develop a next-generation item tracking solution - PostMarque™ that utilises Skillweb’s proven technology.

Skillweb and Postea worked closely together to successfully deploy PostMarque into Singapore Post, replacing existing track and trace systems previously used by the postal organisation to track registered articles and international parcel shipments. The system is designed to increase productivity, support customs compliance and improve efficiency through greater visibility and control of the post and parcel operation, whilst enhancing customer engagement with the aim of boosting service levels.

  • Proven technology
  • Next-generation solution
  • Increased productivity
  • Customs compliance
  • Improved efficiency

"We selected Skillweb as a platform for the PostMarque solution because of their proven track record in delivering leading edge tracking solutions within the post and parcel sector and the breadth of functionality found within their technology. As a leading innovator in postal technology, we are committed to building our solutions using best-of-breed systems with industry-leading partners to enable mail and parcel operators to better compete in the deregulated postal market.”
Michael J. Murphy Chief Executive Officer at Postea